The Gratitude Project is a 30-day initiative taking place during the month of October. It aims to inspire people to live grateful lives to make their communities better.


Get Involved

There are many ways to practice gratitude. Discover unique and simple suggestions that you can integrate gratitude into your daily life.


Gratitude Tools

Visit our library of tools! We've collected the best in videos, articles, books, websites, and infographics to inspire and encourage gratitude every day.


Gratitude Stories

Read the stories of people in our community who have been changed by gratitude. Share your own stories too.


Gratitude Events

We have events happening throughout the month of October. Plan to attend one or all of them!

Gratitude for the RCMP

The RCMP is made up of individuals like you and I. Everyday they do a job that few would want to do and risk their lives to protect the safety of our communities. The Gratitude Project wants to highlight and honour the RCMP for their service and continued support.


Donate to Honor House

Honour House is a BC organization that provides free of charge, temporary residence for our Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans, Emergency Services Personel and their families, who are seriously ill, while they travel to receive medical care and treatment in the Metro Vancouver Area. Honour House is a not for profit society managed with a small staff and dedicated volunteers

These brave men and women, along with their families, sacrifice so much to protect our freedom and our everyday way of life. Giving to Honour House allows you the opportunity to show your support and appreciation for selfless sacrifice.

Support The Honour House Today
to show your appreciation!